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9th Annual Teambuilding Workshop News & Events » 9th Annual Teambuilding Workshop

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                Puregold Price Club Inc, had its 9th Annual Teambuilding Workshop, a month-long, fun-learning event themed, “Building the Next Generation of Puregold Leaders” last April 2014. This year’s teambuilding workshop composed of eight (8) learning sessions for the different clusters, four (4) inter-cluster games and one (1) culminating activity.


                A “bang” started it all as the Breakthrough Camp of Mr. Veni Flores, President and CEO of Vici Developmental Coaching, Incorporated, started 1st day of April 2014 at Cocoon Hotel, Quezon City with the North GMA cluster, went up North as the North Luzon team had its learning session at Grand Lewis Hotel, Angeles City, then continuing the other sessions with Head Office, East GMA, Affiliates, South GMA, South Luzon and Bicol Vismin at Acacia Hotel Manila.


                In between the learning sessions, 2014 teambuilding introduced the inter-cluster games between the Yellow and Green division which were held in different venues as the following clusters battle for the Division Finals: Yellow Division – Red vs. Yellow at Bren Z. Guiao Convention Center, Orange vs. Brown at Marikina Sports Complex; Green Division – Gray vs. Green HP Pearl Sports Complex, Blue vs. Violet at Imus Sports Complex. Winning teams then soon faced their contenders last 29th of April as the team building workshop had its culminating activity at Marikina Sports Complex.


                2014 Culming Game Events started with a 3K Fun Run, followed by Volleyball (for females), Badminton (Singles & Doubles), Basketball (for Males), Fun Games (Handball, Obstacle Course, 4-ball touch ball, Sports Marathon, Battle of the Titans/Tug-o-War) and this year’s game highlight, Swimming.


                The Green Chilis of South Greater Manila Area (GMA) led by Mr. Sherwin Hau, Team Captain, had a back-to-back championship as they defend their title. The Rising Blue Dragons of South Luzon led by Mr. Kelvin Kuan, Team Captain, rose high as they finished second, and The Grayhounds of Head Office led by Mr. Gilbert Arciaga, Team Captain, had their sweet revenge on third place.